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Kids Blue Light Glasses

Kids Blue Light Glasses

Blue Light Glasses - 4 designs to choose from.
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Kids Blue Light Glasses

Suitable Kids, Tweens, & Teens that use technology (e.g. ipads)

When using tablets, or phone and when watching TV - or anything else that emits blue lights


  • Blue light
    Blocking Lenses

  • Eliminates

  • Filters
    Blue Light

  • Virtually Clear

Benefits of Blue lights glasses

Better Sleep Patterns

Blue light decreases melatonin which is what helps young bodies to get to sleep. The decreases means it is harder to get to sleep, less restful sleep which ultimately leads to grumpy, not well rested kids.

Less itchy and score eyes

When young eyes spend hours on any type of screen, they often stare intensely & forget to blink. This results digital eye strain & dry irritated eyes. Blue light glasses reduce this effect drastically.

Effective eye protection

Blue light produced by digital screens exposes our eyes to something unnatural & harmful. Research is being conducted if it can cause similar changes to the retina in Age-Related Macular Degeneration.

Better Mood

Blue light is known to cause eye strain, headaches, & disruptions in your body’s sleep cycle. All of these things together leads anyone, not just the young to be in a not so great mood. Blue light glasses reduce these symptoms.

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Vegan Friendly

Gluten Free

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When to wear blue light glasses

1 At School

Wear Blue Light Glasses in the classroom to reduce exposure from smartboards ipads & other devices.

2 Working

Ensure you have full coverage, Don’t forget the hairline, jawline and around the nose

3 Watching TV

Prolonged Blue light exposure from LED, LCD & Plasma TVs especially at night can affect sleep patterns.

4 Playing

Using technology is fun & a way of life today, however blue light glasses are helpful when playing.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is blue light?

    Blue light is part of the visible light spectrum, existing within the 380 to 500 nanometer range. Approximately one-third of all visible light is considered high-energy visible, or "blue," light. While sunlight is a natural emitter of light, artificial sources of blue light include fluorescent lights, LED and LED televisions, computer monitors, smart phones and tablets.

    Why do young eyes need blue light protection?

    Blue light from natural daylight boosts alertness, increasing cognitive function and elevating a person’s overall mood. After sunset, darkness causes the body to produce melatonin, signalling to the body that it is time to sleep. This is the regular circadian rhythm, the body's natural wake and sleep cycle. Exposure to blue light for children, tweens & teens, at night disrupts this process, reducing melatonin release and telling the brain that it is still daytime. Reduced melatonin makes it harder to fall asleep and contributes to poor sleep quality. Proper sleep patterns are essential for youngsters and can cause antisocial behavious, depression and a number of other issues. In addition, excessive exposure to artificial blue light can also lead to digital eye strain, irritation and headaches. Children are more vulnerable than adults because their eyes absorb more blue light from digital devices.

    Where is the artificial blue light coming from?

    Artificial blue light is found in electronic devices and appliances that emits light which containing shades of blue, even if is not immediately apparent to the naked eye. Common sources include: Personal devices such as smart phones and tablets TV Screens including LCD, LED and Plasma displays Computer monitors and laptop screens LED lighting used in houses and commercial premises including strip lighting. Fluorescent lighting used in workshops, offices and industrial spaces Lights inside appliances including fridges and freezers

    When should children, tween or teens wear blue light glasses

    Kids should wear your blue light glasses if it is daylight outside but they are inside in artificial lighting conditions such as those found in a classroom or a library. Using blue light glasses in these conditions will reduce the amount of exposure from overhead lighting and electronic devices including device screens and smart boards.

    When should children, tween or teens wear blue light glasses at night?

    Kids should wear blue light glasses when: watching LCD/LED/Plasma screens including during gaming Using electronic devices including computers, laptops, smart phones and tablets under LED lighting which is switched on.

    How do I clean the blue light glasses?

    Use the soft cloth provided to gently wipe the lenses on both sides. Over time you may notice a build-up on the lenses from skin oil, makeup or finger prints. To remove this you can wash the glasses in a bowl of tepid to warm water and diluted dishwashing detergent only. Immerse the glasses in the water and gently rub the lenses with a microfibre or soft cotton cloth until they are clear. Leave to air dry only. Do not use hot water, laundry or household cleaners including abrasives as this will damage the glasses.

    Do the blue light glasses come with warranty?

    Our blue light glasses come with a 6-month warranty for manufacturing defects only. We do not offer warranty for malicious or accidental breakage including scratches on lenses.