A More Natural Approach To Skincare


A more natural approach to kids, tween and teen skincare has arrived.  Beauty, health, and eco friendliness are all integral to this exceptional range of specialist skincare products.

We are Vee Organics.

Developed in Australia by industry specialists, our products are free from harsh synthetic chemicals. We use certified organic ingredients combined with skin super nutrients to fight bacteria and promote a healthy glow for growing skin.

Our ingredients are grown in nature instead of made in a laboratory. Pomegranate and native Australian Kakadu Plum are hero ingredients in our skincare range. Our wild harvested kakadu plum extract has one of the highest Vitamin C content of any fruit in the world, providing powerful antioxidant and healing properties.  While Niacinamide and Grapeseed Extract regenerate the skin with the antioxidants it craves.

In a world of constant change, we believe in beauty encompasses three elements: skincare, health and holistic living.

Environmental Ethics

Australia has one of the world's oldest eco-systems with the most certified organic land in the world. Vee Organics products are Australian owned, made in Australia using Australian ingredients.

We are proactively supporting our environment by:

  • Putting biodiversity first by purchasing from organic farmers.
  • Using bottles which are 100% recyclable including the pump and cap.
  • Never testing on animals or using animal by-products (vegan friendly).
  • Never using microbeads, parabens, sulphates or other chemicals which can leech into our waterways and pollute the landscape.
  • Eliminating excess packaging.
  • Online only shopping eliminates all need for instore promotional material.
  • Recycling (where possible) all materials associated with creating and shipping our products.

Functional and Fabulous

At Vee Organics our creams and oils are packaged in opaque bottles to help protect the ingredients from light deterioration which can reduce product effectiveness and shelf life. Our bottles are also designed to reduce oxidisation and prevent contamination from fingers when using the pump.

Social Ethics

We are proud to support local, national and international charities. We also offer donations for select organisations and events including The Smith Family.