What Makes Vee Organics Different?

At Vee Organics, we believe that the best results come from starting good skin habits in the early years. We believe healthy glowing skin isnt just about beauty, it is about the confidence it gives you, your son, your daughter, sister etc.

That is why using products that benefit young skin with natural and organic ingredients is important in those formative and teenage years.

Young Skin

Many traditional skincare products seen on supermarket and department store shelves provide short term results, but unfortunately over time they actually do more damage than good. This is because they're chemical based and when young skin absorbs up to 60% of what is placed on it, you're getting the bad with the good. Young skin is still growing and needs to be cared for with special and gentle skincare products.

Chemical skin care throws out the natural balance and can cause a range of problems including acne, dryness, oil patches and breakouts. By feeding young skin natural ingredients, it will become nourished and will start to show its own healthy glow. Vee Organics skincare has an abundance of super-nutrients including vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, enzymes and proteins. These are carefully packaged to give you the best skincare result.


Have you considered that your skin and beauty routine could harm your health? The average person uses up to 15 products a day and even the most innocent of products, such as your shampoo or lip gloss, most likely contains synthetics that can be linked to health problems including hormone imbalance and cancer.

Many skincare brands claim to be natural, green or organic but more often than not, these ingredients are manufactured in laboratories. Vee Organics products contain 76-95% organic ingredients, with the remainder being natural and not synthetic. Meaning they're grown in nature and never made by technicians. Choosing organic skincare is a simple way to reduce the number of toxins young bodies are exposed to.

Your Environment

When Vee Organics designs products, we don't just think about people, we understand the world we live in is a precious place that we need to preserve. Using organic and natural ingredients is not about 'being fashionable', it is about:

  • CHOOSING ingredients grown by organic farmers that are against genetic modification and use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Biodiversity promotes soil fertility and vegetation growth which is vital for all living creatures. It also reduces erosion and desertification, water loss and water pollution. We commit to putting the environment first by using organic ingredients that are certified by official supervisory bodies.
  • REFUSING to use microbeads - ever! Microbeads pollute rivers and oceans where they are ingested by fish and other water animals. Eventually they make their way back up the food chain as the plastic does not breaks down. Our micro-abrasives are made of natural ingredients which breakdown naturally in the environment.
  • RECYCLING: unlike many of our competitors the entire bottle can be recycled in curbside recycling services* including the pump and cap. In our offices we are committed to reducing landfill and recycle all packaging (where possible) used in the creation and shipping of our products.

So ask yourself, can young skin, your health, or the environment afford for you not to use organic and natural products?


*valid for Australian recycling services. Overseas customers should check with their local government authority.